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Glass measuring and other cylinders are available from Kavalier (Simax), Kimble-Kontes (Kimax) and low cost Glassco. Non-glass cylinders are also available.

Manufacturer: -
Catalogue No.: 313-AE-187

Manufacturer: -
Catalogue No.: 168-AQ-400
The Rain Gauge non recording AIC-RG-010NR is manufactured from non-corrosive fiber glass reinforced plastic (F.R.P.) container. It consists of collector assembled with Gun-metal Ring. The Rain Gauge is supplied with 4 liter bottle, Funnel, Locking Rings and PVC Measuring Cylinder of 10mm.
Manufacturer: Metrohm
Catalogue No.: 28900110
High-end titrator for volumetric Karl Fischer titrations. Equipped with a built-in buret drive, four MSB connectors, a galvanically separated measuring interface and a USB connector. The Touch Control operating unit with touch-sensitive screen for controlling the Titrando, the 803 Ti Stand and a 10 mL exchange unit are included in the scope of delivery.


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