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  • 17/04/2021

Liquid cleaning concentrate MucasolŪ 2L (2.8Kg)

Catalogue No: CL635-12
Manufacturer: -

A mildly alkaline, biodegradable concentrate with low phosphate content and which is free of chlorine and caustic alkali. Will remove rapidly stubborn residues such as oils, fats, waxes, stopcock greases, silicones, blood and proteins. It has a bacteriostatic action and can be used to decontaminate bench surfaces, shelves, tiles and floors. Can be used to clean glass, porcelain, plastics, rubber and most metals and has no corrosive effect. For normal cleaning a concentration of 0.7% aqueous solution (pH 11.5) is usually sufficient. Supplied in a plastic container as indicated.

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Tariff code:34029090
Country of origin:UNITED KINGDOM