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  • 22/01/2021

Cylinder AzlonŽ PP Class B spout hexagonal fixed base moulded graduations 100mL

Catalogue No: CP0100P
Model: CP0100P
Manufacturer: Scilabware Ltd
Brand: AzlonŽ
Material: Plastic/polymeric
Main Filter (units): mL
Primary Material: PP (Polypropylene)

The AzlonŽ cylinder with moulded graduations has a stable hexagonal base as well as moulded graduations for permanent volume assessment. Available in sizes ranging from 10ml to 2L, this cylinder is calibrated to class B tolerances

Safety and Shipping
Approx. shipping weight: 0.00 Kg
UN no: Not restricted
Class: N/A
Packing group: N/A
CAS no:N/A
EC no:N/A
Tariff code:39233010
Country of origin:UNITED KINGDOM