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  • 23/08/2019

Strangest uses of Stratlab's products

Release: 27th November 2018

A former pharmacuetical production plant in Bethnal Green, east London, has come to life once again using some unusual building materials supplied by Stratlab.  According to Wiki(1), Allen & Hanbury's "Bethnal Green factory carried much of the administrative and scientific side of the business, which included research, analytical control, chemistry, pharmacy and pharmacology. In this plant, galenical preparations, pills, tablets, capsules and other classes of pharmaceutical and medical goods were prepared. This historic company introduced us to cod liver oil and Ventolin.

The Bethnal Green plant also produced surgical instruments, mainly in stainless steel, and included "Barts" operating tables. Another product was the Cromwell House Super Sensitive Baby Scale (weighing scales) made from cast iron designed for accurately weighing babies during test feeding or research."

The site has been taken over and converted into high spec 'creative hub' housing over 100 businesses.  Stratlab were asked to supply amber poodwer jars for one of the open areas.  These bottles have been incorporatied into a wall feature reflecting the buildings links to its previous life as shown in the photo.

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The building is shown in more detail here:

(1)  Allen & Hanbury: