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Stick on Cell Grid

Release: 29th August 2018

An exclusive accessory for use with round petri dishes 90- 100 mm.

Stratlab Cat. No. 163-PA-025

The sticker is made of a transparent label and can be attached swiftly and neatly to the bottom of petri dish.


  • Designed as 1 mm- and 10 mm- interval grid pattern


Technical specification

  • For 90-100 mm Petri dish
  • Thickness: 70 um 
  • Label remains firmly attached at temp. from 4 to 40°C
  • Material: Tetron
  • Dimension d x h (mm): 76.25
  • Major Grid mm : 10
  • Minor Grid : 1.00



  • Petri dishes
  • Colony counting
  • Plant growth measurement
  • Clear zone measurement for fungal test

Compatible Petri Dishes supplied by Stratlab:

Product Code Description List Price (£)*
163-PA-017 Petri dish 90x15 mm PS sterile (10/500) 182.65
163-PA-018 Petri dish 90x20 mm PS sterile (10/200) 150.49
163-PA-019 Petri dish 90x15 mm PS double wrapping sterile (10/500) 204.95
163-PA-021 Petri dish 90x15 mm PS sterile (10/500) 255.88
163-PA-022 Petri dish 100x20 mm PS external grip sterile (10/200) 148.97
163-PB-001 Petri dish 2-zone Bi-plate 90x15 mm 2.7 mm divider sterile (20/500) 223.36
163-PB-002 Petri dish 2-zone Bi-plate 90x15 mm 3.7 mm divider sterile (20/500) 223.36
163-PB-003 Petri dish 2-zone Bi-plate 90x15 mm 7 mm divider sterile (20/500) 223.36
163-PB-004 Petri dish Quadrant plate 90x15 mm sterile (10/500) 226.10

Click on the product code for more information.

Other Petri Dish Types available:

Product Code Description List Price (£)*
163-PA-020 Petri dish 90x15 mm GRID sterile (10/200) 126.68
163-PA-023 Petri dish 150x20 mm PS sterile (10/120) 183.42
163-PA-024 Petri dish 150x25 mm PS sterile (5/120) 251.14
163-PB-005 RODAC plate 60x15 mm PS sterile (20/500) 155.61
163-PB-006 Dish Square 126.40x126.40x20 mm PS sterile (5/60) 94.86
163-PB-007 Dish Square 243x243x19.30 mm PS sterile (5/20) 110.21
163-PB-008 Dish Square 126.40x126.40x20 mm PS sterile (10/240) 219.33
163-PB-009 Dish Square 243x243x27.30 mm PS sterile (5/20) 151.42
163-PB-010 Single well plate 85.40x127.60x14.25 mm PS TC treated sterile (1/50) 106.20
163-PB-011 Single well plate 127.60x85.60x16.20 mm PS sterile (10/100) 110.78

*ex VAT

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