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SPL UK launch

Release: 13th July 2016

Stratlab is launching leading South Korean life science products manufacturer, SPL's* range of products to the UK market.  SPL's products feature in a new cell biology category.

Partnered with SPL, Stratlab launch products for numerous applications including; cell culture, cell imaging, molecular biology, in-vitro fertilization, cryopreservation and immunoassay.
SPL have highly qualified professionals carrying out research and development of innovative high quality products that fully comply with ISO 9001 thus meeting international regulatory requirements.
Stratlab is pleased to stock and supply innovative products at highly competitive prices for research in the life science sector. 
SPL cellular imaging products are designed to maximize convenience for a broad range of applications, including confocal, fluorescence and live cell imaging and fluorescence based assays.

Hard copies of the SPL catalogue are available upon request.


Cell culture slide HybridwellTM combine the conventional cell culture flask with a single slide. Allowing for safer handling of samples and make the process of culturing, staining and imaging cells simpler and more efficient.

Confocal dishes

These confocal products allow researchers to acquire high resolution microscopic images in 35 mm culture dishes/ 6 well plates with glass or Flux bottom materials. All products are made from surface materials with low auto-fluorescence making them ideal for confocal microscopy, phase contrast microscopy, live cell imaging and micro-manipulations.

Cell culture slides

Cell culture slides with multiple chambers provide a means for testing numerous parameters on one slide. Further enabling cell growth directly on a microscopic slide, convenient for staining and microscopic examination without cell transfer. Thus reducing the amount of expensive consumables such as cell quantity and antibody volume as well as limiting handling and chance for error.
Chambers with various well number, colour and bottom material (glass, DLux and FLux) are available and can be used across different applications.
For surface coated cell culture slides see SPLCoatedware.

Flasks, plates, dishes, culture slides

Interactions of cells with surrounding extracellular environment actively regulate cellular functions including adhesion, migration, differentiation, proliferation, invasion and ultimately survival. Extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins such as collagen, laminin and poly-D-lysine are readily used to promote cellular adhesion and growth in in-vitro cell based applications.
SPL Coated ware offers a wide range of ECM protein coated products to meet research needs. These products do not require washing prior to use and most importantly all products are optically clear and so can be used for microscopy purposes.

(This links to both hanging and standing inserts)

SPLInsertTM products closely mimic in vivo environment, thus providing improved attachment, growth and differentiation of various cell types. Permeable inserts are convenient and effective tools for diverse research areas including invasion, migration, transportation, drug uptake, epithelial polarization, chemotaxis, co-culture, toxicity studies and in vivo barrier modelling. Inserts are made from track-etched membranes which ensure precise pore size distribution and consistent pore density, providing well controlled experimental parameters.
Membranes are made from either Polycarbonate or Polyethylene terephthalate material with various pore sizes (0.4, 3.0 and 8.0 µm).
The SPLInsertTM hanging and standing types are available for 6 and 24 well plates and come packed in corresponding cell culture treated plates. All inserts have one of three optical properties; opaque, translucent or transparent and a nominal membrane thickness of 10-23 µm.
Hanging inserts have a 1.2mm (6 well insert)/ 1.3mm (24 well insert) distance from the membrane to the bottom of the culture well.
Standing inserts have a 1.0 mm distance from the membrane to the bottom of the well for both 6 and 24 well type.
Co-culture dishes are also available allowing for the culture of two different cell types in a single dish. The insert mesh enables bi-directional signal exchange between two cell types.
Scaffolds in 3D cell culture plates are also available to provide a three dimensional culture environment for cells, ultimately enabling the maintenance of cells in in-vivo like conditions. The scaffold material is made from biodegradable polymer polycaprolactone (PCL) making this product highly useful in tissue engineering related research.

SPLScarTM products are designed for a wide range of cell studies including; cell migration, wound healing and cancer metastasis. Most importantly allowing highly uniform and reproducible conditions to enhance the quality of experimental outcome.
The SPLScarTM Block is easily attachable to various surfaces and thus making it applicable to a variety of products used for studying cell migration, wound healing and cancer metastasis. Each block is composed of a 500µm thick wall to artificially generate cell free gap(s) insuring higher uniformity and reproducibility.

The SPLScarTM Scratcher is highly useful for the generation of artificial wounds. With a scratcher tip width of 0.5mm you can create 6 or 24 identical wounds with a full view of the wound width in a single frame under high magnification. This product improves the uniformity and reproducibility of experiments and other products used in cancer metastasis, wound healing and cell migration research.
SPLScar Scratcher™

SPL Black Plate

SPL Black Plates comprise of two types of clear bottom material; glass or Flux film and the lid is designed for effective gas exchange. Materials used for the plate and bottom exhibit low auto-fluorescence and the plate material is highly efficient in blocking light, making this product effective for acquiring results in fluorescence experiments.   


The SPL Mouzip® is a unique device that serves as a complete testing bench for a variety of experiments. Composed of an experimental mat, the top of the mat efficiently absorbs any excess liquids during the experiment, while the waterproof bottoms maintains hygienic conditions. The paper case connected to the mat folds up in a triangular coffin-like structure to enable ethical storage and hygienic disposal of cadaver after experiments.

* About SPL

SPL Life Sciences is committed to producing high quality plastic labware for bio research laboratories. SPL Lifesciences rank as the first and leading manufacturer of plastic labware in Korea, and have developed a broad product portfolio by using high precision injection molding, polymer technology and surface chemistry.  SPL Life Sciences is currently supplying products to more than 2000 research laboratories to the Korean market, including government Institutes, hospitals, university laboratories and companies.
Quality is the pride of SPL: ISO 9001 certificate is one part of their quality control systems.  Maintaining world standard quality is a major priority of SPL and is understand to be the customer's first requirement.  All products are made to the highest levels of quality controls and testing.  Continuous investment is carried out to develop more sophisticated quality ensuring systems.
Product development
SPL has developed various new products in collaboration with scientists and is committed to the development of new products, which will help drive science forward.
SPL Customers
SPL's customers include researchers from the Korean National Institute of Health (NIH), Korea Food and Drug Administration (NFDA), the Rural Development Administration (RDA), Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), National Cancer Center, Korea Cancer Center Hospital and most of university laboratories.
New production system
In 2007, SPL moved to a new factory equipped with modern facilities and logistics center including clean room facilities. SPL Lifesciences makes every effort to supply a better quality of products.

Contact:  Fozia Shaheen

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