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Single column PONA separation

Release: 27th February 2020

Most GC column makers worth their salt* offer a column for the separation Paraffins, Olefins, Naphthenes and Aromatics found in engine fuels.  The Standard Test Method for this separation is found in ASTM D 6730, specifically ..:

ASTM D6730 - 19:  Standard Test Method for Determination of Individual Components in Spark Ignition Engine Fuels by 100-Metre Capillary (with Precolumn) High-Resolution Gas Chromatography

This test method covers the determination of individual hydrocarbon components of spark-ignition engine fuels and their mixtures containing oxygenate blends (MTBE, ETBE, ethanol, and so forth) with boiling ranges up to 225 °C. Other light liquid hydrocarbon mixtures typically encountered in petroleum refining operations, such as blending stocks (naphthas, reformates, alkylates, and so forth) may also be analyzed; however, statistical data was obtained only with blended spark-ignition engine fuels.

The test method also determines methanol, ethanol, t-butanol, methyl t-butyl ether (MTBE), ethyl t-butyl ether (ETBE), and t-amyl methyl ether (TAME) in spark ignition engine fuels in the concentration range from 1 % to 30 % by mass.

Some component co-elution is expected depending on sample type.  The influence of non-hydrocarbon species in the mixture may have an impact on results.  Similarly some peaks may remain unidentified in such a complex mixture as discussed in the ASTM method introduction.

The overall separation of a typical PONA blend on the DR1PN 100m column is good as demonstrated by the chromatogram above (in part), and in full on the .red® support site:

In addition to a separation to the method specification, the column is also priced sensibly compared to competitor products.

As all opur columns are carefully hand made, users have the choice of selecting column length diameter and film thickness if required.

Ordering information
Catalogue no.        Description

GC column DR-1 PONA 100m x 0.25mm x 0.5µm
GC column, DR-1 PONA, 150m x 0.25mm x 1.0µm
GC column, DR-1 PONA, 50m x 0.20mm x 0.5µm

Worth our salt then!


*The expression to be worth one’s salt, which means you’re competent and deserve what you’re earning, is most often said to have its roots in ancient Rome, where soldiers were sometimes paid in salt or given an allowance to purchase it. The word salary is derived from the Latin “salarium,” which originally referred to a soldier’s allowance to buy salt.
By: Elizabeth Nix

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