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  • 07/06/2020

New Scientist Live - The winner!

Release: 21st October 2019

A huge thanks to you all from us at Stratlab for visiting NSL and our stand in particular. We were close to being overwhelmed at times, so if we only gave you partial attention, sorry!
Oakdale win Optika B69 microscope
We hope everyone won by visting us.  (Sorry that was a bit cheesy.)
We are delighted to announce that Oakdale Junior School, north London, were the lucky winners thanks to their lead science teacher Kate Frost's entry.  Excellent!
Our commiserations to the rest of you who came equal second.
Optika have something for most microscopists
Optika's range covers most routine and many seriously advanced application areas.
Their B-60 range is aimed at junior and secondary school age students.