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NEW Automatic needle destroyer Battery powered MUNE model ANDY

Release: 24th December 2020

Automatic needle destroyer
Battery powered MUNE model ANDY

Reduce needle-stick injuries
Protect your workers
Every year there are an estimated 2 million needle-stick injuries world-wide.
According to the WHO
37.6% of Hepatitis B
39% of Hepatitis C
4.4% of HIV/Aids
in health-care workers around the world are due to needle-stick injuries*.

Thanks to its simple, novel design, the ANDY reduces the risk associated with patient injection to a minimim.  The needle destroyer present users with a simple and effective method for safe needle disposal.
*WHO, 2003

Visit the MUNE website

The ANDY Needle Destroyer automatically handles the whole process from separating the needle to disposal of the barrel
Reduced needlestick injuries to a minimum
Easy to set up and attachable to sharps container and to ward trolley handle
Portable and compact design
Offers fast, safe and efficient operation
No need to hold the syringe – just toss in
Cut and dispose in less than 1 sec
Ultra light (584g) and compact
Battery-powered, wireless, thus 100% portable.  With long-lasting battery – 7 days without charging
Minimalist UX with single power button
Manual mode and auto mode built in

What's in the box? Sharps container with lid, blade module and connected plate, hanger with nuts and bolts

Description: Battery-powered, portable needle destroyer
Rated voltage: Battery-7.4 V Li-ion 2600 mAh 2 S 1 P
Charger: DC 9V 1A
Time for charging: 4 hours
Battery-run time: Approx. 6 days; when using 6 hours per day
Usable cycles: ca. 5,000
Size of applicable syringe: Disposable syringes, 1- 10cc
Operating method: ANDY-S 2-A: Both automatic/manual
Operating time: 1.7 seconds
IR detection time: 0.5 seconds

How the ANDY works in practise

The ANDY in operation:

The ANDY - detaching from sharps bin:

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