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Introducing the new Optika Fluoro microscope range

Release: 1st July 2020

Optika fluorescence microscopes

Fluorescence microscopy - one of the cornerstone techniques in life science.  Leading European manufacturer Optika have enhanced their fluorescence microscope range with the introduction of new microscopes and accessories

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The Cube - from UV to Far-Red
Thanks to the development of a new system called "LED Fluorescence Cube" we now offer the possibility of having fluorescence systems operating over the entire spectrum (365nm – 740nm) from UV to Far-Red.  These are comparable or better than HBO systems, easier to manage and upgradeable with future developments in LED technology

New model B-383LD
Improved ergonomics and efficiency of the LED for better results
Incredible new price

View B-383LD specifications

New model B-510LD4
Takes full advantage of the new "LED Fluorescence Cube" technology, finally giving the opportunity to offer LED fluorescence tailored to today's and future needs

View B-510LD4 specifications

New model B-510LD4-SA
UV-ready with Fluorite objectives

View B-510LD4-SA specifications


New model IM-3LD2
Includes the new blue and green LED fluorescence Cube sets as standard, greatly increasing the system's performance

View IM-3LD2 specifications

New model IM-3LD4
New inverted microscope with 4-position LED fluorescence.
Select the desired LED cubes and start working, forget the long waiting times and the expensive lamp changes of the traditional HBO

View IM-3LD4 specifications

New Model IM-3LD4D
Innovative and revolutionary, the digital version of IM-3LD4 integrates a real mini PC, a 12" monitor, a wireless mouse and keyboard and a 6Mp camera with dedicated fluorescence software into the microscope.  All this makes a perfect tool for routine or research applications, ideal for all those qualioty, innovation combined with reliability and compactness

View IM-3LD4D specifications


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