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Fluorescence microscopy - complimentary products

Release: 3rd July 2020

SPL is Korea's leading life science products manufacturer dedicated to the production of the highest quality laboratory plasticware.
Complimenting the new Fluoro range of fluorescence microscopes from Optika (e-mail July_1, 2020), we highlight dishes, plates and slides from SPL.
The full SPL catalogue is a large file so may take some time to download.

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96-well black plate for cell imaging

SPL Black Plates have low auto-fluorescence with efficient light blocking ability to obtain most accurate result in fluorescence experiments. Simultaneous microscopy is possible thanks to the highly transparent plate bottom.

Confocal dishes

SPL confocal products allow researchers to acquire high resolution microscopic images of cells in 35 mm culture dishes or 6 well plates. Low auto-fluorescence glass and FLux were used, ideal for uses of these products are confocal microscopy, phase contrast microscopy, live cell imaging and micro-manipulations.

Cell culture slides

Designed for various cell-based experiments and are also useful for virus, toxicity tests and immunocytological experiments.
Cell Culture Slides provide removable chamber that enables cell growth directly on the microscopic slide, convenient for staining and microscopic examination without cell transfer

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