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Dot-red glassware sale

Release: 14th June 2019

Calling all School Technicians: Get ready for the Autumn term with Stratlab’s own brand glassware

Following great feedback from the ASE conference Stratlab is pleased to offer more products at budget friendly prices.
Offer is limited to current stock on a first come-first served basis. So call us today!
Prices are heavily discounted, as follows. 

The number in brackets is the pack size and price is for a pack e.g. order 1 x 161-SG-020 you would get 10 pipettes at a cost price of £9.73 (so each pipette costs 97.3p) 
Click the individual item to navigate to product for further information. 

Product Code Description UK list price (GBP £) Offer price (GBP £)
161-SG-020 Pipette clear glass 10mL volumetric with one mark bulb type (10) 19.32 9.73
161-SG-022 Pipette clear glass 25mL volumetric with one mark bulb type (5) 11.93 6.01
161-SH-075 Burette clear glass 50mL Schellbach 7.05 3.55
162-RC-009 Test tube clear glass 10 x 75mm with rim (100) 10.23 5.15
162-RC-021 Test tube clear glass 20 x 150mm with rim (100) 30.12 15.50
313-AB-005 Beaker clear glass 100mL low form with graduation & spout (10) 9.09 4.60
313-AB-007 Beaker clear glass 250mL low form with graduation & spout (10) 17.05 8.59
313-AB-008 Beaker clear glass 400mL low form with graduation & spout (6) 15.00 7.56
313-AB-010 Beaker clear glass 600mL low form with graduation & spout (6) 21.14 10.65
313-AC-003 Conical flask clear glass 100mL graduated (erlenmeyer) (10) 19.32 9.74
313-AC-004 Conical flask clear glass 250mL graduated (erlenmeyer) (10) 27.27 13.74
313-AF-115 Volumetric flask clear glass 50mL polypropylene stopper (2) 5.00 2.52
313-AF-116 Volumetric flask clear glass 100mL polypropylene stopper (2) 6.36 3.21
313-AF-118 Volumetric flask clear glass 250mL polypropylene stopper (2) 8.86 4.47
313-JB-019 Liebig condenser glass 160mm 14/23 socket 14/23 cone glass connector 8.64 4.35
313-JD-017 Round bottom flask clear glass 100mL single neck sockets 24/29  (10) 35.22 17.75
All prices are ex-works Stratlab.  Delivery charge extra.
Prices are ex-VAT

Quote SUMMERTERM2019 when placing an order!

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