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Brexit: What next?

Release: 1st June 2018

We have chosen not to share our personal views on the result of last week's 'Stay or Go' referendum.    Putting to one side the chaotic political scenes, the immediate impact of the Referendum result was to see Sterling fell dramatically on the money markets.  Stratlab buys (a lot of) products in both US dollars and Euros, but most of our sales are in GB £ Sterling.  So in order to offset these changes, we have to accept lower margins, reduce discounts, buy more from the UK (or, more accurately, buy more in GBP), put up prices or a combination of some or all of these.  (We saw one supplier put us prices using 'Brexit' as an excuse as early as Friday morning, only hours after the result was announced.)  We wil be reviewing all these options over the coming weeks, but for now, there are NO PRICE CHANGES.

The fall in value of Sterling presents overseas customers with a nice opportunity which we can both benefit from.  (Well there has to be a silver lining somewhere doesn't there?)  For the whole of July and August, we have teamed up with a couple of UK manufacturers to further improve prices for customers.

LTE: -10% on any LTE product listed by Stratlab

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