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Release: 19th October 2020

 UV light disinfection uses ultraviolet technology to kill germs and bacteria.  Systems are offered that will significantly reduce infection risk in conjunction with surface cleaning, social distancing, PPE and other protective measures.
Even before the current Coronavirus (COVID_19) pandemic struck, concerns over ‘Super bugs’ had caused a rise in research of novel ways of disinfecting – well, everything. Out of this emerged or rather re-emerged, interest in ultraviolet light.
In 1877, Downes and Blunt discovered that sunlight exposure retards microorganism growth with prolonged exposure preventing bacterial growth for several months.  Since then, UV light has been proposed as an effective disinfectant strategy.
From 1960’s onward, after the discovery of the mechanism of disruption of proteins and nucleic acids which accounts for UV light's efficacy, unspectacular but necessary research has continued. It is known that UV-A, UV-B and UV-C are all suitable for ‘germicidal irradiation’, with wavelengths of 254nm being most widely used.
With hospital-acquired infections costing the UK around £1 billion a year and the US Centre for Disease Control classifying it as the fourth greatest cause of mortality amongst Americans, systems for sterilizing wards and operating theatres have seen rapid development.
This proven technology is now available to businesses outside of the medical sector, ready to be deployed in the fight against Coronavirus.

UV disinfection box
Catalogue no.:  172-AA-110

For use anywhere where a suitable power supply is available to disinfect small equipment, tools and other products.

UV Smart disinfection system
Catalogue no.: 172-AA-113

Product disinfection by UV-C light through conveyor belt system. Application areas: hospitals, hotels, banks, airports etc

UV disinfection lamp system - Blaster
Catalogue no.: 172-AA-115

Sterilisation by UV-C light of surfaces, rooms, objects and surroundings of transmissible agents including fungi, bacteria, viruses, dust, mites and spores.

UV disinfection lamp system - mini-Blaster

Catalogue no. 172-AA-114

Sterilisation by UV-C light of rooms including operating theatres, kitchens, public spaces, hospitals, hotels, banks, airports, office working areas, labs etc.

UV disinfection chamber

Catalogue no.:  172-AA-111

Sterilisation by UV-C light of almost any product that can be placed inside the unit.
Includes instruments, mobile phone, vegetables, mask, personal product...
Can be operated in medical/hospitals, laboratories, hotels, stations, kitchens etc.

UV disinfection system - hand held
Catalogue no.:  172-AA-112

Sterilisation by UV-C light of almost any product or area. Includes instruments, mobile phone, vegetables, mask, personal product.
Can be operated in medical, kitchen and a wide variety of other industries

Air Purifier combining UV-C with HEPA filtration
Grant Instruments novel ap360

Catalogue no.:  172-AA-120

Complimenting the APL UV-C products detailed above, Grant Instruments have launched the ap360 Air Purifier.
The ap360’s powerful fan, coupled with a medical grade, high capacity HEPA13 filter and two powerful UVC lamps, gives you fast and effective air purification.
For COVID-19 risk reduction, the ap360 is an ideal tool to use in conjunction with surface cleaning, social distancing, PPE and other protective measures.


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Nicholas G. Reeda
Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer
aU.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine, Laser/Optical Radiation Program, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD
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