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2020-Nov-1 Ultra-low temperature freezers

Release: 30th October 2020

The Chilly Times
Introducing FDM and their ultra-low temperature freezers
Help for vaccine storage

It is Novermber and here in the northern half of the World things are definitely cooling down.  High time to introduce the FDM ultra-freezers.

This message is also timely following US drug company Pfizer's recent announcement of the success of its COVID-19 vaccine cadidate.

One of the biggest problems facing national agencies is how to distibute the product.  UK Health Secretary of State Matt Hancock in an interview with BBC Radio 4's programme said:
"... it would be "a mammoth logistical operation" and highlighted some of the challenges, including getting it from Belgium to the UK while not removing from a temperature of -70C more than four times."

The FDM ultra-low temperature freezers might not be the complete answer, but a significant step on the way to returning our lives to normal.

Introducing FDM

FDM is an Italian company manufacturing equipment for environmental climatic simulation and control, laboratory baths, fridges and freezers. Founded in the '50s by Giuseppe Della Marca, the company is now synonymous with cutting-edge technologies and pioneering innovations for refrigeration.

Why FDM?

Engineering excellence
Based on leading design, well engineered components and high quality production standards

Two types of ultra-low freezers are available, vertical (upright) and horizontal (chest) over a size range from 230L, 390L, 500L to 650L

High stadard specification

A host of options are fitted - as standard
  •  High accuracy Ultraface controller

  •  Temperature rise and back-up alarms

  •  Shelf positions

  •  Compartments and racking (upright models - see below)

Wide range of optional racking and storage

Link to FDM freezer racks:

FDM ultra-freezers are manufactured with a fast, efficient and well built cascade compression unit.  Cool down time is around 180 minutes until operational at the lowest temperatures.

The internal coating of these devices, insulated from the outside by polyurethane, is in stainless steel. The FDM ultra-low-temperature freezers are divided into internal compartments to allow for better organisation of different samples.
The shelves are easily adjustable to meet the requirement for different height of samples and/or storage units.

The solidity and insulation capacity ensure that the internal temperature is always maintained, even in the event of a power failure
The LCD display is extremely intuitive and provides the possibility, in addition to monitoring all parameters and alarms, to be able to record the temperature trend through a graph.
Optionally, the ultra-low freezer can be equipped with an emergency temperature backup system, that is activated in the event of a failure in the main power supply.
There are several volumes available, starting with a benchtop ultra low freezer of 100 liters capacity (small ultra low temperature freezer), to a 650 liters version.
Maintenance is simple and fast and costs are among the most competitive on the market.

FDM is among the best ultra low temperature freezer manufacturers. Our products are 100% hand made in Italy, built with the best components available, and synonyms with efficiency and reliability since 1949.

Link to products via Product Code


Product Code



Ultra-freezer -86ºC upright 230L FDM model 86NV23


Ultra-freezer -86ºC upright 400L FDM model 86NV39


Ultra-freezer -86ºC upright 500L FDM model 86NV50


Ultra-freezer -86ºC upright 650L FDM model 86NV65


Ultra-freezer -86ºC upright 400L 2 doors FDM model 86NV39S2


Ultra-freezer -86ºC upright 500L 2 doors FDM model 86NV50S2


Ultra-freezer -86ºC upright 650L 2 doors FDM model 86NV65S2


Ultra-freezer -86ºC chest 230L FDM model 86NR23


Ultra-freezer -86ºC chest 400L FDM model 86NR39


Ultra-freezer -86ºC chest 500L FDM model 86NR50

Stratlab also offer a similar designed range for use down to -45ºC.

Minus how much?!  What about the environmental costs of running at -86ºC?

Valid concern exists about the environmental impact and necessity for running laboratory freezers at such low temperatures. Not all samples require such low temperatures to maintain their integrity (1,2).
Fortunately FDM freezers can be controlled anywhere between -45 to -89ºC.


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