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2019 Flash sale - syringe filters

Release: 8th March 2019

Syringe filters 40% discount

We encourage users to move quickly to secure this offer on a range of syringe filters - offer limited to syringe types listed in the table below.
  • low low prices on filters until stock runs out (after which prices return to retail price)
  • membranes in cellulose acetate, glass fibre, Nylon, PTFE, PVDF or PES
  • includes 4mm and 13mm diameter
  • Colour coded 13mm filters for easy identification of membrane types
  • includes 0.22, 0.45, 0.7 and 1 µm pore size
  • 0.45µm for most clarification applications and 0.2/0.22 µm when fine particulate removal is required
  • non-sterile
  • require sterile filters?  Filters can be sterilized by AUTOCLAVING (check the membrane type's specification for maximum temperature allowed)
  • HPLC certification which guarantees the filters will not produce extraneous peaks in the UV range
  • 100% integrity tested with higher burst strength ratings assuring they will perform consistently
  • dot red branded

    Click here for chemical compatibility information.

Prices are heavily discounted, as follows. 

Click the individual item to navigate to product for further information.
Catalogue no. Description UK List price (GBP£) Offer price (GBP£)
SF04CA022NS Syringe filter 4mm 0.22µm CA non-sterile (200) £115.00 £69.00
SF04CA045NS Syringe filter 4mm 0.45µm CA non-sterile (200) £115.00 £69.00
SF04NY022NS Syringe filter 4mm 0.22µm NY non-sterile (200) £115.00 £69.00
SF04NY045NS Syringe filter 4mm 0.45µm NY non-sterile (200) £115.00 £69.00
SF04PTFE022NS Syringe filter 4mm 0.22µm PTFE non-sterile (200) £115.00 £69.00
SF04PTFE045NS Syringe filter 4mm 0.45µm PTFE non-sterile (200) £115.00 £69.00
SF04PTG045NS Syringe filter 4mm 0.45µm PTFE Hydrophilic (200) £140.00 £84.00
SF13CA022NS Syringe filter 13mm 0.22µm CA non-sterile (100) £75.00 £45.00
SF13CA045NS Syringe filter 13mm 0.45µm CA non-sterile (100) £75.00 £45.00
SF13GF070NS Syringe filter 13mm 0.7µm GF non-sterile (100) £75.00 £45.00
SF13GF100NS Syringe filter 13mm 1µm GF non-sterile (100) £75.00 £45.00
SF13NY022NS Syringe filter 13mm 0.22µm NY non-sterile (100) £75.00 £45.00
SF13NY045NS Syringe filter 13mm 0.45µm NY non-sterile (100) £75.00 £45.00
SF13PES022NS Syringe filter 13mm 0.22µm PES non-sterile (100) £75.00 £45.00
SF13PES045NS Syringe filter 13mm 0.45µm PES non-sterile (100) £75.00 £45.00
SF13PTFE022NS Syringe filter 13mm 0.22µm PTFE non-sterile (100) £75.00 £45.00
SF13PTFE045NS Syringe filter 13mm 0.45µm PTFE non-sterile (100) £75.00 £45.00
SF13PVDF022NS Syringe filter 13mm 0.22µm PVDF non-sterile (100) £75.00 £45.00
SF13PVDF045NS Syringe filter 13mm 0.45µm PVDF non-sterile (100) £75.00 £45.00

All prices are ex-works Stratlab.  Delivery charge extra.
Offer is limited to current stock on a first come-first served basis.
Prices are ex-VAT

Quote FLASH2019-0301 when placing an order!

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