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2016 News - Confocal Dishes

Release: 22nd March 2016

Beyond Perfection


SPL Life Sciences have released a range of dishes for confocal microscopy:  Confocal Dish FLux Bottom.  These are offered for the first time ex UK stock from Stratlab.
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SPL’s Flux Bottom dishes are comprised of a surface modified plastic 188
µm thick, providing cells with relatively higher binding capacity compared to the existing glass bottom, while maintaining supreme conditions for confocal microscopy.

Colour:        Clear, black
Hole size:        13Ø, 20Ø

Surface features of Confocal Dish Bottoms
(1)  Glass:       Naturally charged with good growth surface for adherent cells
(2)  FLux:        Surface modified plastic film for enhanced cell attachment, optimal for confocal microscopy.

                      Film thickness 188µm, film can be peeled off and remounted if desired.

Dishes are ideal for confocal microscopy, phase contrast microscopy, live cell imaging and micro manipulations.

Cell growth comparison Glass vs. FLux
L-929 cell growth in SPL Confocal Dish (Glass bottom and Flux bottom) for 72 hours.
Culture medium: 1% PS and 10% FBS in RPMI-1640. Seeding density: 5 x 104 cell/ml.

Startlab part numbers for ordering are shown along with other technical information below.  Links alongside this can also be used.

Stratlab contact for further information
Fozia Shaheen