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2016 February News - discounted GC & GCMS courses

Release: 29th January 2016

Anthias Consulting offer the most comprehensive suite of training course programmes for GC, GC-MS and related techniques. Courses are run at the Open University in Milton Keynes.

From January 2016, course ordering can be completed via the Stratlab Sales Office with a 5% discount incentive included.

Courses compliment Stratlab's comprehensive range of chromatography products sold under their .red brand.  

The scope of the Anthias courses vary to help improve the knowledge and skills of users having widely different experiences. Courses are run on a non-instrument specific basis (unless stated).

Main course types include:
  • Generic classroom-based training courses with practical focus
  • Generic laboratory based hands-on training courses
  • Manufacturer and software specific training courses
Within each main topic, several options are available to suit the delegate's requirements.

Several courses are recognised by the Royal Society of Chemistry, as indicated in specific course information.

Product code Course Description  Anthias Price (£) Offer Price (£)
130-QA-001 Training course 3-day Practical Essentials of GC & GC-MS Anthias 595.00 565.25
130-QA-002 Training course 1‐day Absolute Basics of GC & GC‐MS  125.00 118.75
130-QA-003 Training course 5‐day Complete GC & GC‐MS  995.00 945.25
130-QA-004 Training course 3‐day Practical Essentials of GC & GC‐MS 625.00 593.75
130-QA-005 Training course 2‐day The GC & GC‐MS Clinic   425.00 403.75
130-QA-006 Training course 1‐day Gases & Plumbing and Sample Introduction in GC & GC‐MS 225.00 213.75
130-QA-007 Training course 1‐day GC Columns, GC Detectors (including MSD) and Data Analysis 225.00 213.75
130-QA-008 Training course 1‐day Sampling Techniques for GC & GC‐MS 225.00 213.75
130-QA-009 Training course 1‐day GC & GC‐MS Method Development and Advanced Techniques 225.00 213.75
130-QA-010 Training course 1‐day GC & GC‐MS Troubleshooting & Maintenance 225.00 213.75
130-QA-011 Training course 3‐day Mass Spectral Interpretation 599.00 569.05
130-QA-012 Training course 5‐day Hands‐on Complete GC & GC‐MS   1595.00 1515.25
130-QA-013 Training course 3‐day Hands‐on GC, Maintenance & Troubleshooting 1130.00 1073.50
130-QA-014 Training course 3‐day Hands‐on GC‐MS, Maintenance and GC‐MS Troubleshooting 1130.00 1073.50
130-QA-015 Training course 2‐day Hands‐on GC Theory & Maintenance  825.00 783.75
130-QA-016 Training course 2‐day Hands‐on GC‐MS Theory & Maintenance  825.00 783.75
130-QA-017 Training course 1‐day Hands‐on GC Theory and Methods 455.00 432.25
130-QA-018 Training course 1‐day Hands‐on GC Maintenance   455.00 432.25
130-QA-019 Training course 1‐day Hands‐on GC‐MS Theory and Methods 455.00 432.25
130-QA-020 Training course 1‐day Hands‐on GC‐MS Maintenance  455.00 432.25
130-QA-021 Training course 1‐day Hands‐on GC & GC‐MS Troubleshooting 455.00 432.25
130-QA-022 Training course 4‐day Hands‐on Sample Preparation (Headspace | SPME | TD | Pyrolysis)  1360.00 1292.00
130-QA-023 Training course 1‐day Hands‐on Headspace  455.00 432.25
130-QA-024 Training course 1‐day Hands‐on Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) 455.00 432.25
130-QA-025 Training course 1‐day Hands‐on Thermal Desorption (TD) 455.00 432.25
130-QA-026 Training course 1‐day Hands‐on Pyrolysis 455.00 432.25
130-QA-027 Training course 2‐day Hands‐on Sample Preparation ‐ Selecting any two from 130-QA-027,024,025 or 026 800.00 760.00
130-QA-028 Training course 3‐day Hands‐on Sample Preparation ‐ Selecting any three of the above 130-QA-027,024,025 or 026 1100.00 1045.00
130-QA-029 Training course 2‐day Hands‐on Advanced Injection   800.00 760.00
130-QA-030 Training course 1‐day Hands‐on Programmable Temperature Vapouriser (PTV) 455.00 432.25
130-QA-031 Training course 1‐day Hands‐on Large Volume Injection (LVI) 455.00 432.25
130-QA-032 Training course 2‐day Hands‐on GCxGC Operator (Flow & Thermal Modulation)  800.00 760.00
130-QA-033 Training course 2‐day GCxGC Data handling (Zoex GCImage) 800.00 760.00
130-QA-034 Training course 4‐day Comprehensive GC Training (Agilent GC with OpenLAB Chemstation)  1225.00 1163.75
130-QA-035 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC Hardware Training (Agilent GC) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-036 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC Software Training (Agilent OpenLAB Chemstation) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-037 Training course 4‐day Comprehensive GC Training (Agilent GC with OpenLAB EZChrom)  1225.00 1163.75
130-QA-038 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC Hardware Training (Agilent GC) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-039 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC Software Training (Agilent OpenLAB EZChrom) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-040 Training course 4‐day Comprehensive GC Training (Thermo GC with Xcalibur)  1225.00 1163.75
130-QA-041 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC Hardware Training (Thermo GC) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-042 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC Software Training (Thermo Xcalibur) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-043 Training course 4‐day Comprehensive GC‐MS Training (Agilent SQ MS with MSD Chemstation)  1225.00 1163.75
130-QA-044 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC‐MS Hardware Training (Agilent SQ MS) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-045 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC‐MS Software Training (Agilent MSD Chemstation) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-046 Training course 5‐day Comprehensive GC‐MS Training (Agilent SQ MS with MassHunter) 1495.00 1420.25
130-QA-047 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC‐MS Hardware Training (Agilent SQ MS) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-048 Training course 3‐day Comprehensive GC‐MS Software Training (Agilent MassHunter) 945.00 897.75
130-QA-049 Training course 2‐day Applied Deconvolution (NIST AMDIS) 599.00 569.05
130-QA-050 Training course 4‐day Comprehensive GC Training (Shimadzu GC with GCsolution)  1225.00 1163.75
130-QA-051 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC Hardware Training (Shimadzu GC) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-052 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC Software Training (Shimadzu GCsolution) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-053 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC Training (SRI GC with PeakSimple)  665.00 631.75
130-QA-054 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC Hardware Training (Varian GC) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-055 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC‐MS Advanced Training (Agilent QQQ with MassHunter)  665.00 631.75
130-QA-056 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC‐MS Software Training (Shimadzu GCMSsolution) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-057 Training course 4‐day Comprehensive GC‐MS Training (Varian Ion Trap with MSWorkstation) 1225.00 1163.75
130-QA-058 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC‐MS Hardware Training (Varian Ion Trap) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-059 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC‐MS Software Training (Varian MSWorkstation) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-060 Training course 4‐day Comprehensive GC‐MS Training (Markes BenchTOF with TOF‐DS)  1225.00 1163.75
130-QA-061 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC‐MS Hardware Training (Markes BenchTOF) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-062 Training course 2‐day Comprehensive GC‐MS Software Training (Markes TOF‐DS) 665.00 631.75
130-QA-063 Training course 1‐day Splitters & Backflushing (Agilent CFT)  455.00 432.25
130-QA-064 Training course 1‐day Introduction to Heart‐cutting (Agilent Deans Switch)  455.00 432.25
130-QA-065 Training course 1‐day Basics of Deconvolution (NIST AMDIS) 225.00 213.75
130-QA-066 Training course 1‐day Applied Deconvolution (Agilent DRS)  375.00 356.25
130-QA-067 Training course 1‐day Applied Deconvolution (Markes TargetView)  375.00 356.25
130-QA-068 Training course 2‐day Applied Deconvolution (ACD/Labs MS Workbook Suite with IXCR)  599.00 569.05
130-QA-069 Training course 2‐day Advanced Applied Deconvolution(ACD/Labs MS Workbook Suite with advanced  IXCR features)  599.00 569.05
130-QA-070 Training course 1‐day Hands‐on Purge‐and‐Trap 455.00 432.25

Due to a high demand Anthias Consulting are running three new training courses:
•             2-day Comprehensive GC Hardware Training (Varian GC), £665 + VAT  - Running 19-20th April 
•             2-day Comprehensive GC-MS Hardware Training (Varian Ion Trap), £665 + VAT – Running 21-22nd June 
•             2-day Comprehensive GC-MS Software Training (Varian MSWorkstation), £665 + VAT  - Running 23-24th June 

For current course dates click here

For further information, please contact John in the Stratlab Sales Office.