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  • 17/11/2018


Stratlab's News page gives readers a first look at product announcements, exhibitions, other sales and marketing information as well as other items and features that we think may be of interest.


A Range of Glassware Including volumetric flasks, beakers and cylinders.
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Art Restoration

Conservation Supplies
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Stick on Cell Grid

Petri Dish Stick on Cell Grid
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Mass Spectrometry Consumables

Solvents, Vials and Caps & Many more.....
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Brexit: What next?

Some navel gauzing post Referendum
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The balance that bounced back

Or how not to treat your analytical equipment
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Continuing Professional Development

Stratlab has linked with Anthias Consulting to provide RSC-approved training courses
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Anti-sera to West Africa

Improving healthcare in The Gambia
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